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Learn about what you can do to protect your home

and community from the yearly occurrence of wild fires.

What do we do?

We bring our grazing animals on to your property to eat and manage the overgrowth of grass, weeds and brush. We take care of everything from transporting them, setting up fence lines, and monitoring their well being. It is a sustainable way to protect your home and lands from wildfire. We spend majority of the year focused on creating fire resilient properties and then bring sustainable farming to vineyards earlier in the season.


How does it work?

We know firsthand that grazing can lower wildfire risk and reduce the impact of fires by slowing down the speed of spreading flames.  Livestock often leave land better than they found it, providing benefits to watersheds and helping to cultivate healthy soils. 
Napa Pasture Protein has both goats and sheep to manage a variety of vegetation and terrain.


What are they grazing?

Our animals graze off fire fuels such as, tall grasses, brush, and low hanging tree branches. Left unkept this material can cause fires to grow quickly, spreading up tall trees and homes.  On vineyards, cover crops are planted to protect the soils, grazing is a healthy way to manage the growth and increase healthy vineyard yields. 


Where is it needed?

Grazing is needed wherever there is a lot of fire fuels or cover crops. Our animals are able to graze anything from 1000 acres to a small backyard. We tailor the animals, numbers, and fencing to your specific needs. Grazing is universal solution for small acreage family homes, great estates, or vineyard properties all across Napa County.

When is the best time?

Your terrain, location, weather and vegetation will determine this answer.  Cori will come out and take a look at the project, making a grazing plan specific to your needs. Because of the relative dryness of the seasons, grazing can occur almost year round.


Why do we do it?

California is notorious for having devastating wild fires, setting historical records within the past several years. Wild fires leave families and small businesses homeless, hopeless and scared, not just uprooting your life but taking all your belongings with it. We aim to encourage and stress the importance of fire preparation and prevention based on our first hand accounts in the homes of our family and friends. The question is not if, but when will it become a hazard to you. Creating defensible space can be the difference in saving your home or losing it. 

How can you get started?

If you haven't already, it is important to begin learning about your surrounding land in terms of foliage, weather, fire frequency, and even climate change. California is notorious for having devastating wild fires and even setting historical records with in the past several years.

Call today to schedule an appointment and receive an estimate. 






Grazing Line_edited.jpg

In this picture you can see two properties divided by a fence line. The property on the right has been grazed by our goats.

Our Clients

Fire burn new.png



This client had a wild fire knocking at his front door just weeks after he hired us for grazing. This image shows where the fire stoped right at the grazing line! Thankfully their home and vineyards were left untouched!

Don -

"The sheep and goats created an excellent buffer around our vines this year.  They cleaned up more than I ever imagined.  Already booking next year!"




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