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Whole Lamb

Our grass-fed lamb grazes throughout the Napa Valley on vineyard crops and native pasture lands.  They are raised humanely, sustainably, and with great care.  We feel that the combination is the key to the most flavorful Napa Valley Lamb.  Pairs well with local wines. 


Our whole lambs typically include the following depending on your custom cut options:

2 Legs of Lamb

2 Whole Racks of Lamb

2-3 Packages of Lamb Chops (depending on thickness) 

Lamb Stew or Lamb Burger

2-4 Shoulder Roasts (depending on custom options)

Neck Roasts (may be ground or stewed)

2 Shanks


Whole Lamb

  • Cut and wrap options are the fun in ordering a whole animal.  Our butcher is a master of his craft and is willing to give you the exact cuts you want.  And if this is new to you, we are happy to give suggestions and share our preferences.  Depending on your cooking style, we may have some different suggestions for roasts or steaks etc.  The number of steaks/ chops per package and roast size are all customizable.  

  • A whole lamb will consist of approximately 35lbs of custom lamb cuts.  This will easily fit in a standard household freezer (if it's not full of ice cream).  The price listed here includes the harvesting, delivery to the butcher shop, and the custom cut and wrapping of the meat.  Pick-up is available at the butcher shop.  

    If you have a specific butcher shop you prefer to use, let us know, we may be able to substitute sites.  


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